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Well. Maybe a little.

Saturday, 8 August 2009


I am SO CONCERNED abou this next year of college. Everything hinges on it. I just. I can't even put into words the stress I am feeling right now. Its amazing, I've never got like this before. I actually quite like it, its a comfortable weight. You knwo how there's stress that feels sickly and depressing and drags you down and weight that bolsters you and gives you somthing to hold onto? This is the latter, but still...

I need to get some stuff together for next term. Books and such. And fabric. And yarn. And supplies. And canvases. Lots of stuff.

Also I recieved a lovely thankyou card from Celia for the chicken, apparently she liked it. Its so nice to be appreciated.

On a sad note, the Smithing Scouser has gone back up north and I cannot afford to see him for a month. It'll give me something more to look forward to than finding out who is living in my house next year though, another thing I am slightly nervous about.

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