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Wednesday, 23 September 2009


Here are the dolls which I am displaying at the Small Gallery until the end of October, they are £65 each, and yes, I am open to commissions! So, here are the introductions:


Sadie, who can sit on the edge of a shelf or on a flat surface,

Georgia, based on the painting I did a little while ago,

and Rosa, who's body is made of feathers.

This doll was made for my good friend Rhiannon's birthday and is based on her,

A roundup of all the girls (and boy) so far!
Also, I had to include this as it is adorable (well, it would be without the tobacco anyway), I finally finished Gaz's fleecey wolf onesie, it even has a tail! ... Shame that the chest hair makes it look like a prop for a 70's erotica reproduction of Little Red Riding Hood.