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Tuesday, 17 November 2009

I am feeling a little disgruntled.

I had a tutorial/group crit yesterday. For the last few weeks I have been developing a ceramic figure and I was finally getting to a place I felt happy with when this bombshell was dropped on me "Is it craft? Because if it isn't craft then you're in the world of art and you have to stand up to artists, its not as easy as craft"

... well. I have lots to say about that, but I will spare both you and the keyboard the majority of my rant.

In essence, why oh why must we compartmentalise everything like this? Can a piece of work not just be what it is? Who decided that Tracy Emin's textile pieces were art, or that Grayson Perry's pots are craft? My work has a thought out idea and concept behind it, sure, but shouldn't everything have some cognitive function backing the design process, or are we going to class everything with a meaning as FINE ART now? ANd whilst I'm on that, whats wrong with using a craft medium to produce artwork, why not blur those boundaries more, maybe one day they won't be there any more and students like me won't feel pressured to chop the head off of their models, hollow them out and turn them into a novelty cookie jar just to fit into someone else's opinion of art vs craft.

I'm really quite annoyed about this.

Any opinions?