What are you looking at?

Oh... you want to know? Oh, yes, of course. Well I'm Hollie Anderson and this is a collection of my work and ramblings. Thats it really, don't worry I won't be upset if you leave. I won't cry. Honest...

Well. Maybe a little.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Tuesday, 23 June 2009


My jellyfish is done :D I got recognised too, and hit on by a crazy pagan. Good times.

SOrry for the picture quality, it is nighttime afterall.

Muhaha, that was fun.

Monday, 22 June 2009

What Next?

The first day of my summer holiday has arrived and its... well... dull.

So far I have knitted a little, chatted to Jareth (my cockatiel), trawled through some websites and now I am here. I have until October with nothing to do. Except two weeks of house sitting for my parents and a week of festival goodness with some old friends.

For the longest time I have wanted to try out wild living, just to get up and go and live on the move with nothing but my tent and a whole host of weaponry (I'm a paranoid kind of person).

So maybe, just maybe, I'll set aside a month for this, and take my sketchbook and my sleeping bag and trail the Wye Valley, drawing as I go. I really think its something I have to try at least once, and what better time to give it a go? I have no responsibilities, no one asking me not to, no job to hold down. The only thing I have to worry about is finding a babysitter for Jareth, but I'm sure Alex would feed him for a few weeks whilst I was away.

Hmm, yes, the more I think about it the more Hollie's Art Trail Camping Extravaganza seems like a great idea.

Yes I had to name it. Obviously. :D.