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Oh... you want to know? Oh, yes, of course. Well I'm Hollie Anderson and this is a collection of my work and ramblings. Thats it really, don't worry I won't be upset if you leave. I won't cry. Honest...

Well. Maybe a little.

Monday, 9 August 2010

A social life based update...

In the meantime I have had a birthday, which was great fun, it coincided with the last week or so living in my house which has been the most wonderul, loving home for the last two years. I have made friends and family there, met the love of my life, started my own career, become myself and lauged every day. I am sad to leave but life goes on in an endless tumble through happy events so my chin is well and truly up! Here are some photos form our Shisha Barbeque, with a shot of the love tent that the great Alex helped me to nail to the neigbours shed erect in a sensible and safe fashion with no risk of electrocution at all.

Fun fun! I also got some amazing pressies (not least of which was a Lush box from Gaz's Mum and sister, which was very much appreicated, thankyou Ann and Jenna!), including a le creuset cauldron pot and the most wicked casserole dish, the likes of which I have wanted since I was 10, which the lovely Gazareth got for me. And a super cool desk made form branches form my Momma. Here are some more photos:

I did make some yummy soup in the cauldron, and took photos of the tasty roasted tomatoes, and completely intended to take photo of the finished soup... but... well... we ate it. So here you go.

It was SO good. ANd in other, other, very exciting news, my sister got married. But I will cover that later when I can nab some good photos, because it was a very unusual and funky wedding. Which will be illustrated below by a photo of my very unusual and funky sister and I on her hen do.

Tada! Right, I'm all caught up. I'll be posting after wednesday with news from Londinium (and many, many photos of the Hilton).

Ahh! Bad, Bad Blogger!

I'm an awful person, I know.

But I have been in Bristol and the internet here is SO SLOW I just couldn't bring myself to load photos onto this thing.

However, times have become so very exciting that I now can't help myself. I have had the most surreal of weeks. For the last eight days I have been living in a tent helping with an art installation at the big chill festival, this, my friends, was AMAZING. Honestly one of the best things I have ever done. I met some wonderful people, had a fab time, worked until I was tired (which I find to be one of lifes greatest pleasures) and in typical Hollie fashion REFUSED TO GO AWAY. So I stayed far longer than I was going to and stuck my fingers in all sorts of pies, made giant rust and a portamatron, which makes no sense to you all I'm sure. Here is some visual evidence of what I did though (I forgot my camera!), these are a couple of posters I made for the intallation called Dereliction Drive In, a futuristic grimy seedy world, offering discounted misbred genetically modified pets. Want one?

Haha, so that was that silliness. Another ABSURD thing that happened whilst I was away was that I was not only selected for the Cork Street Open Exhibition, from 1,200 people, but I was put on the flyer:

And THEN I was awarded the young artist prize! Yes, me. Insane. I am heading up on wednesday for the artists' reception. Hearing that you have a complimentary room in the Hilton whilst you are half alseep on the floor in a tent, covered in blue paint, is a very odd experience indeed. So, I am ecstatic, as you can imagine. And will be taking part in a curated exhibition in London next year, which is a real honour.

Phew. What a week! And in other news, I know that I promised a bit of they Boy's work, which I am still going to post! I didn't have access to a copy of the images, and still don't, but email is a wonderful thing which I will now utilise. Honestly.