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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

London Baby!

Well, now that I am well and truly rested from my forray into the Mayfair art scene, which is incredible, by the way, I am back to tell my tale!
After a long trip on the megabus listening to some hilarious London students speaking in very posh accents and then trying to buy drugs over the phone whilst attempting to make themselves sound less muggable by using words like "bra" and "bare good" (no doubt they have been watching East Enders lately and wanted to try some of Phil Mitchell's crack), my Mum and I met p with my good chum Rhiannon and we checked in at the Hilton. The Hilton seemed to be a little confused when Rhi and I checked in for the night at the desk, and when we got to our room and discovered this we realised why:

They were probably trying to decide whether or not to appologise to us, or whether we were in fact married, or possibly both.

After we got our glad rags on it was down to the gallery on Cork Street for lots of wine and art! A good mix indeed. There was a brief speech from the lady who organised the exhibition in whihc she explained her aim to give artists an opportunity to both raise money for charity and also to get some exposure in such a well known area of London (we were exhibiting on the same street as William Turnbull and Andy Warhol). Then all of the artists were invited to sign a piece of charity artwork.

The whole thing was completely surreal for me, I have to say. Not to mention that the prize winners have been invited to exhibit together in London within the next 12 months, so I had better get working! So I left the gallery with my eyes, ears and mind buzzing, bottle of prossecco in one hand and exhibition poster in the other and Rhi and I proceeded to run up a large tab in the hotel. The rest is a bit hazy... but the image that I will take away from the night will be the one as I walked up to the gallery of it spilling out into the street... that was one of the most terrifying and exciting moments of my life.

I am so grateful to have won a prize, and to have been chosen to take part in the exhibition at all, and even more grateful to Hereford College of Arts for educating me enough to achieve this and to the wonderful Gaz for encouraging me to have a little faith in myself.

Bye Georgia!