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Thursday, 6 August 2009

Antler Girl

Here is the product of my last four hours alive:

I haven't painted in almost a year, and then it was with acrylics. I haven't touched oils since my 18th birthday, which was a while ago now. So I was quite pleased with myself for this. Again, camera quality photos are not great, but it will do.

I've had an idea for a show, if I ever get the chance to do one. I want portraits of all of the dolls all over the walls, some huge ones and some tiny ones, just covering the walls in frames and then the dolls themselves everywhere, with fake hills and upside down lamps and crazy crap all over the place, so that they inhabit their own little imaginary world in a sort of dreamilke way. I know what my dolls are about now, too. They are portraits of an aspect of a person, they are all based on people I know, and something about them, like when you see someone and think "wow, look how fragile they are" or something like that, the way you can see an adjective just as well as you can see their face, and in our mids we all have little images of the people we know, and we move them around in our minds when we think about them and imagine what they would say in certain situations, we play with them like dolls. And thats what these are, they are the physical image of the mental dolls of people. Does that make sense? Maybe not. Anyway, I'm going to make the doll of her soon. Shes a startled, alert, kind of a person. Shes pretty strong and tall but extremely timid. The kind of person who could snap your spine with one push but hides behind trees at loud noises. I like her a lot.

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