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Friday, 5 June 2009

Oh... bougre.

Hmm, body:win! Legs and arms:fail! D:

I personally really like the body, I'm pretty happy with this and the brown spots on the hips came out pretty well,

Although the legs, however, came out really funny and cracked and then I ran out of white paint so the legs were too pink. *Sigh* it seems that the legs are never going to come out right the first time.

Here you can kind of see the difference in the shade of the paint. Grah!

Another shot of the body, and of course my beloved scouser in the background who is watching all of this crafty activity with a kind of bemused interest (not there though, there he's eating a sausage). I think he's just trying to figure out the easiest way to forge iron joints for tiny people so that he can do it better :D

Back to the drawing board with the legs then.

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