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Thursday, 4 June 2009

My First Post

Well, here we go then!

This is my first post in my art blog, where I hope to document all of my creations, creative processes and any interesting information I come across.

Today I opened my internet shop at www.folksy.com/shops/holandricon where I put my first doll up for sale (theres another one baking in the oven as I type), I'm almost hoping no one wants to buy her... its like selling a child! But then I remember that I need to eat and that if I'm not careful soon the only thing that ever goes into my oven will be salt dough.

I think that after my fairytale inspired doll, Miss Red R. Hood, this next one might be a bit more sultry and burlesque, maybe? I'll have to see. She certainly has the eyes for it!

Salt dough is an interesting medium, its versatile and its VERY cheap to both make and harden (no way I can afford a kiln, seriously) however it is fairly brittle and when it dries on your hands it feels awful. Now, this may seem petty but if I'm planning to work with this stuff every day I need to do something about that. Gloves, I suppose, unless theres some magical cheap oven drying clay out there? ... No?... Well, no, I thought not.

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