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Monday, 9 August 2010

Ahh! Bad, Bad Blogger!

I'm an awful person, I know.

But I have been in Bristol and the internet here is SO SLOW I just couldn't bring myself to load photos onto this thing.

However, times have become so very exciting that I now can't help myself. I have had the most surreal of weeks. For the last eight days I have been living in a tent helping with an art installation at the big chill festival, this, my friends, was AMAZING. Honestly one of the best things I have ever done. I met some wonderful people, had a fab time, worked until I was tired (which I find to be one of lifes greatest pleasures) and in typical Hollie fashion REFUSED TO GO AWAY. So I stayed far longer than I was going to and stuck my fingers in all sorts of pies, made giant rust and a portamatron, which makes no sense to you all I'm sure. Here is some visual evidence of what I did though (I forgot my camera!), these are a couple of posters I made for the intallation called Dereliction Drive In, a futuristic grimy seedy world, offering discounted misbred genetically modified pets. Want one?

Haha, so that was that silliness. Another ABSURD thing that happened whilst I was away was that I was not only selected for the Cork Street Open Exhibition, from 1,200 people, but I was put on the flyer:

And THEN I was awarded the young artist prize! Yes, me. Insane. I am heading up on wednesday for the artists' reception. Hearing that you have a complimentary room in the Hilton whilst you are half alseep on the floor in a tent, covered in blue paint, is a very odd experience indeed. So, I am ecstatic, as you can imagine. And will be taking part in a curated exhibition in London next year, which is a real honour.

Phew. What a week! And in other news, I know that I promised a bit of they Boy's work, which I am still going to post! I didn't have access to a copy of the images, and still don't, but email is a wonderful thing which I will now utilise. Honestly.

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