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Monday, 9 August 2010

A social life based update...

In the meantime I have had a birthday, which was great fun, it coincided with the last week or so living in my house which has been the most wonderul, loving home for the last two years. I have made friends and family there, met the love of my life, started my own career, become myself and lauged every day. I am sad to leave but life goes on in an endless tumble through happy events so my chin is well and truly up! Here are some photos form our Shisha Barbeque, with a shot of the love tent that the great Alex helped me to nail to the neigbours shed erect in a sensible and safe fashion with no risk of electrocution at all.

Fun fun! I also got some amazing pressies (not least of which was a Lush box from Gaz's Mum and sister, which was very much appreicated, thankyou Ann and Jenna!), including a le creuset cauldron pot and the most wicked casserole dish, the likes of which I have wanted since I was 10, which the lovely Gazareth got for me. And a super cool desk made form branches form my Momma. Here are some more photos:

I did make some yummy soup in the cauldron, and took photos of the tasty roasted tomatoes, and completely intended to take photo of the finished soup... but... well... we ate it. So here you go.

It was SO good. ANd in other, other, very exciting news, my sister got married. But I will cover that later when I can nab some good photos, because it was a very unusual and funky wedding. Which will be illustrated below by a photo of my very unusual and funky sister and I on her hen do.

Tada! Right, I'm all caught up. I'll be posting after wednesday with news from Londinium (and many, many photos of the Hilton).

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