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Thursday, 2 December 2010

So, so sorry!

I haven't blogged here for a while, I know, I got a little... distracted by the image flooding charms of tumblr.com so I have been over there for a while, and in all honesty I'm thinking of making this into a professional blog and importing some posts into a new url, but not as yet.

Things are getting closer to the end now, with the first term of my final year as a student coming to a close. My new work is coming on nicely though and I feel happier about where it is going than ever before, although it is becoming more fine art and less traditional 'craft', maybe even moving out of the applied arts bracket, but that remains to be seen. I'd love to keep making smaller, more twee things because I think you can get too hung up on the serious work, and I need that outlet really.

Thinking about it I'll probably keep this as a blog for all of those things and have a professional website under my real name. I'm not leaving my tumblr though! I'm in love with that thing!

And just to prove I'm not dead:

Iron oxide clay is my new love. The little guy in the corner fired particularly well, hes a dark black now, lovely.

Spek soon (honest)!

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