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Thursday, 10 June 2010


I got there! Finally! Here is my little exhibition space...

We don't get a whole lot of space, as you can see, but I've made the most of it! Here's a rundown of the collection that I haven't featured yet:

A tapestry made from the dreamers and ribbons

Porcelain head with tiny brass key and roses

Hulda, who I can't believe I've left out until now! Shes a good 'un. She's the lady who fell in love with a bear, her dress is made form human hair (as is her real hair), she has a miniature portrait of her beloved on her breast and a porcelain torso with vintage feather stuffed fabric legs, she comes with a cloak and a hair adornment. She deserves more of a show, so I'll take some better photos of her later.

Well, thats it for second year... I hope the tutors and gallery guys like it!

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