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Thursday, 8 April 2010

Updates and some plugging...

Well, there is a sure lack of recent work on here, but unfortunately its the easter break which means no kilns, studios or indeed much work for me! I have finally finished that essay though and I'm spending my three weeks off in Bristol.

Yesterday I went to see the Alinah Azadeh exhibition currently on in Bristol Museum and Art Gallery. If you get the chance GO! It really is something, and the other artist Rosa Nguyen's work is beautiful. I couldn't do it justice writing baout it here, but seriously, set yourself an hour or so and go and see it.

In other news I'm going to give someone very dear to me some serious credit here. Most of you will know that my lovely Scouser is a blacksmith, and if you didn't, he is. He'll hopefully be starting the artist blacksmithing degree in september, but the course he is on now have aranged an exhibitiion at the Salbox gallery and Gaz's work was included, now I'm very, very proud of him and I think he should be too, but hes not a blogger and never will be, hes just not a computer person, hes a blacksmith so essentially a luddite, so I'm going to post his pictures here as soon as I can get my hands on them.

I'm off out today with my sister to test my new Diana Mini camera, I'm very excited about this. Its a beautiful day and I hope you all enjoy it!


  1. Hello, thank you for the comment on my blog, I'm glad it amused you! I love your art/craft creations. Also do you mean BS8 the shop? I shop in there but don't work there, it's somewhere I'd like to get to stock some of my jewellery though. I visited the Alinah Azadeh exhibition recently and found all the notes on the wall about the wrapped objects fascinating! Another exhibition you might want to check out is Edwina Bridgeman at the Victoria Art Gallery in Bath, it's very whimsical and pretty.

  2. I adore Edwina Bridgeman! I met her last year and shes a very interesting lady. I did mean the shop, I met someone in there the same day you followed my blog who I gave my website address to so I assumed it was you, but clearly wasn't. I really like your style and your jewellery, do you have an online shop?