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Thursday, 25 February 2010

Some new things...

My new project has begun, five months of solid making ahoy! Also a little preparation for my application for Hereford Craft Fair is in order. SO, first things first, the newest figure-in-the-making is based on the pagan Scandinavian superstition of never saying the word for "bear", it was considered disrespectful to the bears themselves and they would seldom mention them in conversation, however if they really had to then a euphimysm would be used. This new one is called Hulda Falls in Love with Soggy Brown Mead Paw. Hulda means obscure secret, and she needs a hair wedding dress which is proving to be a little harder to make than anticipated. However, perseverence is key! And the maquettes for her hair corset are coming on.

I have also finished two pieces! Yes, finished, really and truly! THese two go together as a set and they are based on people very dear to me, but don't ask who, because its a secret.

These are a little larger than usual, and have no textile clothing per se, although they do have human hair.

THe first one is stuffing herself with feathers

This skirt was made from textiles and then transformed into textured clay using slip and glazing techniques which I am developing,

The second figure is vomiting roses.

I accept that yes, they are a little scarier than usual, but these two are made from quite a raw emotion and I wanted to keep that in them. They have got quite mixed reactions so far, some people just can't go near them, some want to cuddle them.
I'm still alive, just one laptop down, so back to using computers at uni only I'm afraid. I'm also a little ill at the moment so I'm less active on the internet as I'm less active in university, hopefully this will all be over soon though! Now... off to clog a sewing machine up with hair...

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