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Oh... you want to know? Oh, yes, of course. Well I'm Hollie Anderson and this is a collection of my work and ramblings. Thats it really, don't worry I won't be upset if you leave. I won't cry. Honest...

Well. Maybe a little.

Friday, 10 July 2009

This is more a reminder to myself than a proper post but I'm havign my tattoo filled in on the 10th of september. Hopefully I will have the warp/weft ambigram ready for the other arm aswell! I don't think I ever posted my tattoo when I got it done, but its basicly a souped up version of the knit/purl ambigram that is already on google and such, but I had to steal it, I just had to. Its going to have its partner on the other arm and probably eventually have more swirls and crap coming off it, so then I won't feel so bad about having nicked it, even though I did change it... a bit... look at me trying to justify myself. Amyway, here it is. My homage to knitting.

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